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Reasons why price of some nail machine manufacturers are ver

    When it comes to the price of the nail making machines,the price for z94-4c is usually about USD 4000-USD 9000 per set.why it has so big difference?

    There are about 200 companies selling nail making machines totally in China,including the companies only sells to domestic market and export to other countries.

    Some factories,because they don,t have the import and export license ,and also there is no sales stall that can speak english.then they only sells to china buyers.

    Among all these companies,there are about 30 percent are real manufacturers ,the left 70% percent they don,t manufacture by themselves,they buy from the manufacturers and then sell and expotrt for the real manufacturers.

    The price from the real manufactures are about USD 6000-USD 8000 per set depending on the quality and after sales service.

    Why some price are usd 4000 or lower?because there are still some suppliers are of poor repuation you pay them usd 4000 .they will only send you the price of the machine that worth usd 3000 or lower.it us all known that you can find all price and all levels of different qualities in China.

    We hope our clients can come and inspect our factories first before place the order,because it is necessary both for visiting and learning the skills,it needs about 3-4 days learning to master the skills to make nails and we offer the training for free.

    We have one workshop that have three models nail making machines,z94-2c,z943c and z94-4c,and also the wire drawibg machines,steel wire straighten machines,butt welding machines etc,our clients can learn all the machines inclyded in the line to make nails.

    Welcome to visit our factory...