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Working Principle Operation of Nail Making Machine

    Nail producing process mainly include wire drawing, moulding and polishing, relatively simple. Nail making material is coil, that is round steel shaped a coil, drawing to the required diameter, and then mould the bottom and head of the nail, then polish the nail and it will be ok.
    Buying the steel and draw it to the required diameter, the nail making machine will cutting the bottom and punch the head to form the cap, then you will just polish it, the qualified nail will be ok. The Nail polishing machine will mix the nail and sawdust etc. and stir it synchronously, then the nail will be brighter!
    The nail making machine will finish the whole process like straightening the wire, punching the head and cutting the bottom of the nail.
    The right operation way is: 1.descaling the wire and drawing to the required diameter;2.nail making machine make the nail;3.put into the polishing machine and polish to your required brightness;4.metering and packing.
    Feeding material:choose material diameter below 8mm and length above 10cm  wire.
    Others:our nail making machine can produce 9-200mm different length nail, working voltage is 380V, 2-3 men operation, cover area is above 20㎡,primary school civilized men can master in 1-2 days, connect with electricity will put into production.
    Working principle of nail making machine