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Function of Straight-line Wire Drawing Machine

    Straight-line wire drawing machine is a very commonly used metal wire processing equipment,can draw high, medium, low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper wire, copper alloy wire, aluminium alloy wire, etc.
    Feature of straight-line wire drawing machine:
    1.narrow slit type water cooling in the reel, direct water cooling in the drawing dies, cooling performance is excellent
    2.high transmission efficiency, low noise level
    3.full enclosed protective system, good safety
    4.air tensioning to adjustment, drawing steady
    5.AC frequency control system, PLC control, high automatization, easy to operate, with fine quality in finished wire.
    Function of straight-line wire drawing machine:
    1.deviationwithin 0.1%, precise meters counter
    2.fixed lengthwill automatic deceleration and stop
    3.wire brokenchecking and stopping automaticly
    4.each reel can clockwise and anti-clockwise after pressing the button and the left and right reel can linkage moving.
    5.display variousfault and dealing information
    6.monitor various movement information
    7.have wire jump equipments can jump the drum and draw in the next drum to suit different technics.